Monetary policy has encouraged investors

Kathmandu : Monetary policy has encouraged investors who have been frustrated for the past four years.

Chairman of the Nepal investment forum Chote Lal Rauniyar said that, the market will not decline now as the share market has completed its four years of declining cycle.

He said “After the monetary policy, market has seen a positive impact”. Now, the market has followed a positive path.

The arrangement made by the monetary policy will now lift the share market. “we are excited after the monetary policy,” he added. The market is no longer falling because of the policy arrangements made by National bank and SEBON.” The Nepali stock market, which was between 1881 points, did not fall below 1,200 points even before Covid-19, “This means that the market has completed a certain cycle,” he said.

Earlier, the market was down to 1100 points. Investors lost about Rs 7 trillion. When the market was above 1880 points,the market capitalization was 2.3 trillion. Money is plentiful in the market.

Most of the bank’s Interest rates have been fallen. The loan provided on the security of shares from the monetary policy bank has been increased by 5 percent from 65 percent and the loan can be taken up to 70 percent of the Share value.

Circuit break took place within 5 minutes as soon as the stock market was opened in the first day after the monetary policy.

Trading was resumed for 20 minutes later and was postponed for a whole day from 12:08 p.m .

According to Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) which represents indicator of Nepal stock market, the turnover was Rs 62.56 million on Sunday.

It was increased by 84.26 points and reached up to the points 1479. A total of 180,596 shares were traded through 663 transactions yesterday.