Lalitpur, Sept 30. Maxmedia Pvt. Ltd., Nepal’s leading Media Firm announces the launch of Maxmedia Digital Guru. The biggest Digital Media Headhunt invites participation without the credence of experience but by searching for those who have the potential and are looking for that opportunity to showcase their abilities to the fullest. Maxmedia Digital Guru seeks talent that should be encouraged, rewarded and set on the path for them to not only benefit themselves individually but benefit the whole industry, to the max.

The ever evolving media landscape has seen a whirlwind of changes in the last 5 years. Mostly through the advent of digital media we have seen the onset of a brand new avenue that continues to shape our lives, thy way we live and how we promote our brands on it. At this time, we see Nepal rich with digital media possibilities with a large enthusiastic segment looking for a dais to present their ideas. While we see heavy reliance on joining forces with international digital companies, we at Maxmedia believe that the digital know how, innovation and expertise can be found close to home. It is essential to hone into these individuals and their capabilities as their input into the industry will be valuable for all; from clients, agencies to advertisers.

Maxmedia Digital Guru aims to be a one of its kind challenge and the 1st Digital Headhunt of this scale in Nepal. The candidates are given brands that they will then pitch successful ideas for within the format of the competition. We would encourage that a talent hunt as such should be promoted by all quarters of the media because in turn, we are all to be profited by this platform for untapped talent, to finally unleash their strategy and creativity starting a new chapter of digital innovation in Nepal. 

With a zest to carve their space, the aptitude to go beyond the box and a dedication to learning and pitching ideas that will make them the recipient of a total of 5 Lakhs, Maxmedia Digital Guru aims to find the crème de la crème of the finest minds for our media and branding industry. Participation is now open at