NCP State 3 name as ‘Bagmati’ and capital in Hetauda   


Hetauda, Jan 10 .  The ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) State 3 parliamentary party has decided to unanimously pass the proposal for naming the State 3 as ‘Bagmati’ and retaining Hetauda as its capital.

NCP State 3 in-charge Ashta Laxmi Shakya said the NCP State 3 parliamentary party had decided to unanimously endorse the party secretariat’s decision itself in this regard.
She said although the State Assembly members had put views and opinions in this regard on their own terms, decision has been made to finalise the name and the capital of the State in accordance with the decision of the party’s secretariat.

In-charge Shakya said there was no need to issue ‘whip’ to the State Assembly lawmakers as the voting on this topic is going to be held as per the party’s decision.

Chief Minister Dormani Poudel said an agreement has been reached to take a single proposal in the State Assembly meeting. “After listening to the opinion of the Assembly members in the parliamentary party meeting today, the meeting unanimously decided to present only one proposal in the State Assembly proposing Hetauda as the state capital and Bagmati as its name.

He added that the NCP State 3 parliamentary party unanimously passed the proposal that was tabled in its meeting to present a proposal each for capital and the name of the State.
Chief Minister Poudel said State 3 will on this January 12 get a new name ‘Bagmati’ with its capital in Hetauda in Makawanpur district.

NCP State 3 chair Narayan Dahal said the decision to name the State 3 as Bagmati and keep its capital in Hetauda has been taken with the long-term vision and concept that development should be expanded. He argued that retaining Hetauda as the State’s capital would support the ‘building prosperous Nepal’ campaign in many ways and it was appropriate for state capital due to many strategic reasons.

“The NCP parliamentary party has decided to move ahead as one and with unanimity,” Dahal said. Asked whether there will be possibility of ‘floor crossing’ by the party’s Assembly members if the whip was not issued, he said there was no question of the Assembly members not obeying the party’s decision as they were all the members of a communist party.

The State 3 Assembly comprises of 80 NCP legislators, 22 Nepali Congress legislators, three Bibeksheel Nepali legislators and one legislator each from Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), RPP (United) and Naya Shakti party.