Nepal defeated Bahrain by 116 run

Kathmandu, May 6 – Nepal has continuously recorded a victory in the game Acc under 19 elite cup  held in malayasia.


Nepal has defeated Bahrain by 1 hundred and 16 run. Nepal had given the target of 2 hundred and 60 run to Bahrain however it could score only 63 run in 21 over.


Bahrain could score 22 knot out with the help of Akshya Krishna and  17 run by lalith lal.


Likewise the Nepali player Abhinash karna scored 8 wicket and captain Bhuwan karki with Rahul Pratap sing scored a wicket each. Nepal could collect 2 hundred and 59 run under 50 over loosing 9 wickets.


The Nepali player and captain Bhuwan karki made 83 runs facing 63 bowl with 3 6s and 8 times 4. likewise Bibatsu Thapa made 44 run , Nirmal Thapa 25, Amit shrestaha 22, nischal pandey 16, pawan shrestha 13 and Harishankar shah made 10 run respectively.


The game which was held previous to it too had made Nepal winner against kubait by 84 runs and Quatar By 9 wickets.