NTC has more than 10 million data service users


Kathmandu, May 22. The number of users of Nepal Telecom data services has exceeded 10 million. According to the company latest statistics, the number of GSM data services is currently counted at 9,795,100, while 136,500 people are using CDMA data services and the Wai Max service users are 17,000.

The customer base for company’s data service in the past nine months has increased by 20.51 percent and till the mid April this year, it has reached more than 10.1 million.

According to the report, till the mid of April, 551,172 people were using the 4G data services. Till the same period, the customer base for NT telephone services is over 19.32 million.

Some 17 million people were using the GSAM mobile services, 1.6 million were connected with the CDMA services and 689,373 people were using PSTN (landline) services.