Over 34,000 vehicles face action for violating ‘no horn’ rule


Kathmandu, March 15. The total 34,037 vehicles have faced action for defying the ‘no horn’ rule in the Kathmandu Valley since the rule is in force. On April 14, 2017, the government declared the valley a ‘no horn zone’ keeping in view noise pollution affecting the health of the people.

“The number of vehicles violating the rule has increased. So the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has tightened the screw on vehicles blowing horns rampantly,” said Senior Superintendent of Police Basanta Panta.

Noise pollution may cause various health problems like hearing loss, high blood pressure, heart attack, paralysis, respiratory problem and memory loss, according to doctors.

The division imposes a fine of Rs 500 on each vehicle defying the rule. Out of the total 3,200,000 vehicles plying across the country, the valley has 800,000, said the Department of Transport Management. RSS