OYO Provides Free Stay to Stranded Travellers Amidst Covid-19 Lockdown in Nepal

Kathmandu, April  1. OYO Hotels & Homes, the world’s leading chain of hotels and homes, has announced that it will be providing free stays for tourists who are stranded and unable to return home amidst the current lockdown in Nepal. The country has been on lockdown for a week, a crucial step that is taken by the government to curtail the spread of novel Coronavirus pandemic.

OYO stands in complete solidarity with the country during this period and supports the measures taken by the government and would be offering accommodation to those impacted as both domestic and international flights are halted.

Beginning from 1st April, select OYO hotels across the country will offer free accommodations to tourists and Nepalis who are stranded due to the lockdown. The initiative has been established especially and only for Nepal as OYO aims to support the country’s government amidst the lockdown. The company is fully compliant with all the checks and measures suggested by the government.

To ensure complete safety for the hotel owners and staff, the tourists will be screened for Coronavirus symptoms and marked safe before checking in. All OYO hotel owners have been advised to ensure that the health and safety measures are followed to prevent any further spread of the virus. OYO is continuously monitoring the situation as health and safety of OYO hotel owners, staff and guests remain a key priority as well.

Mr. Weeky Yolmo, Country head of OYO Hotels in Nepal shared “The COVID-19 pandemic has had an adverse impact across the globe and we are operating in a challenging time. As a responsible corporate, we truly understand the importance of standing in support of those in need.

We are striving to open the doors of our hotels for those who are stranded in Nepal amidst the lockdown. We will do everything that is possible in our limits to help the tourists, government and all our stakeholders in Nepal in these tough times.”