Paramount Motors successfully completes MG4 EV Strength Test

KATHMANDU, MARCH 19:  Paramount Motors, the authorized dealer of MG Motors in
Nepal, has successfully completed the “MG4 EV Strength Test”, the first EV Endurance Test ever organized in the country.

The event, held on March 14, at the Dirt Temple in Dhulikhel, aimed to showcase the remarkable capabilities of the MG4 EV under adverse road conditions. The event was attended by various media houses, public figures, and customers.

“The primary objective of the event was to highlight the endurance of the MG4 EV on adverse road tracks, demonstrating its capability to handle steep road conditions with ease. The track in the venue featured multiple extreme speed bumps, deep potholes, U-turns, water ponds, slope hills, and downhill sections to test the extreme performance and strength of the MG4 EV,” states a press release issued by the company.

“Equipped with high-performance features like independent suspension and rear-wheel drive, the MG4 EV proved to be comfortable and easily manoeuvred through challenging terrain.”

The MG4 EV is now available in two model variants – MG 4 EV (Comfort) and MG 4 EV
(Luxury). The Comfort variant comes with a battery capacity of 51 kWh, motor power of 99 kW, and a range of 350 km, priced at NPR 41,49,000. The MG4 EV Comfort offers color options of white, red, black, grey, and blue.