PM Employment Programme: 2,753 youths get job in Jhapa

Bhadrapur, June 21. The number of youths mobilized from 14 local levels for various activities under the Prime Minister Employment Programme has reached 2,753 in the district this year.

The unemployed youths are mobilized for painting schools and maintaining cleanliness at religious and touristy areas. Among fifteen local levels, the youths are selected for job from eight municipalities and four rural municipalities.

Gauriganj rural municipality is however collecting data on unemployed youths. As the youths are used for various local activities, it has given a message of collective campaign for development here, the people observed.

Among eight municipalities, Kankai municipality has been able to provide jobs to 946 youths. Municipality Mayor Rajendra Kumar Pokharel informed that those meeting the criteria after filling up forms for employment were provided jobs. The youths are given the responsibilities like maintaining cleanliness at touristy areas, raising huts, planting trees and assisting in management of religious activities.

Similarly, among seven rural municipalities, Buddhashanti rural municipality has provided jobs to 140 unemployed youths.

Rs 517 is the wage fixed to each worker as per government rule. But, the municipality has added Rs 50 to each in it.