Portuguese police seize 146,000 cigarettes at Spanish border


LISBON, Feb. 24. Portugal’s National Republican Guard (GNR) seized over 146,000 cigarettes at the Spanish border on Saturday. In a statement, the GNR said officers working in conjunction with Portugal’s Tax and Customs Authority had apprehended four individuals in Vilar Formoso, a border town, some 350 km northeast of Lisbion, in the center-north of Portugal.

The four individuals, understood to be aged between 19 and 39, were traveling by coach. In their eight items of luggage they were found to be in possession of 7,310 packets of cigarettes.

Such a quantity of tobacco equates to an estimated 31,000 euros (38,111 U.S. dollars). The men were detained for bringing tobacco into the country without paying the required customs duty. Enditem