Pyakurel picked as Province-1 planning commission chair

Biratnagar, Oct 31 . The meeting of the Province no 1 council of ministers today made 12 various decisions including the formation of the provincial planning commission.

Accordingly, the province 1 government has appointed human rights activist Subodh Raj Pyakurel of Biratnagar the Chairman of the provincial planning commission. Meena Bhandari and Purna Laksam have been appointed the members.

The province 1 government spokesperson Hikmat Karki, informing about the decisions taken by the provincial government cabinet meeting, said the meeting decided to grant approval to the Province 1 Public Expenditure Standard and Austerity Directive, 2075 and the Province 1 Internal Regulation Procedures 2075.

Likewise, the province 1 council of ministers has given consent to carry ahead the Koshi Erosion Control Project and to develop Tehrathum and Phidim, the two cities under the Mid-hilly highway into new cities. The federal government has allocated Rs 170 million for this purpose.

The province government has decided to bring the physical assets under the ownership of the federal government under the purview of the province government. It also decided to approve the draft bill on establishment of the Koshi Pratisthan.

The province 1 council of ministers, likewise, approved the Province Development Volunteer Mobilization Programme-2075 and decided to bring the Rural Road Improvement Network Project based in Damak, Jhapa under the province government’s jurisdiction.