RAW meeting held in Baluwatar at 11 pm in details

Kathmandu October 11- After losing its role in the process of Constitution promulgation, India now is taking active part in the process of forming new government in order to grip Nepal’s politics in its’ hand.

On Friday night at 11 pm, a night before registration of candidate for prime minister’s post, an intense meeting took place between RAW representatives and Congress leaders including Congress chairman & Caretaker PM Sushil Koirala and Shre Bahadur Deuba in Prime Minister’s resident Baluwatar.

On Thursday, Congress Chairman Sushil Koirala accepted about “gentlemen’s agreement” on supporting KP Oli as Prime Minister and denied his intentions about submitting candidacy for PM ┬ápost. On Friday afternoon, Indian Ambassador Ranjit Rae telephoned Koirala several times and informed to arrange meeting with Former Special Secretary of RAW, AV Mathur and team on Friday evening at PM resident.

Telephone conversation between Rae and Koirala on Friday

On Friday afternoon, in conversation with Rae, Koirala denied to register candidacy for PM showing reasons of 16 point ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ with other political parties to support KP Oli as next PM. He also pointed out on the possibility of his failure, as major parties are in support of KP Oli. Thus he didn’t want to deteriorate his political image by losing the PM elections. Later, Rae assured Koirala of his victory and promised to make him PM. After that Koirala indicated his candidacy for PM through media.

What happened at the night?

Indian Ambassador Ranjit Rae reached prime minister’s residence at 10 pm where Congress Leaders including Sushil Koirala and Sher Bahadur Deubha were waiting. Shortly thereafter, Former special secretary of Indian Intelligence Agency ‘RAW’ AV Mathur with his team joined the meeting. Ambassador Rae briefed all the points discussed earlier with Koirala. Shortly after AV Mathur also reassured Koirala to register his candidacy and promised to help him win the elections. Koirala clarified about lack of majority with mathematical version. In response, Ambassador Rae and AV promised Koirala to convince either Kamal Thapa or Madhes-based political parties in support of Koirala in any way. When Koirala react apathetically, they lean towards Sher Bahadur Deuba and asked him if he is interested in PM post in strong language. They questioned Koirala why to follow Prachanda or Oli when he himself can become PM, sources told. They convinced Koirala that they won’t let KP Oli win the election in any means. Then only Koirala agreed to submit his candidacy for PM. They left the meeting in late night 11.30 pm.