Roadies Yamaha Field Audition: A Thrilling Adventure Unfolds Across Nepal


Kathmandu, May 27.  Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure as the highly anticipated Yamaha Field Audition of Roadies Season 5 arrives in different cities in Nepal! Yamaha Racing presents Himalaya Roadies, and invites all thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts to participate in this epic journey, where only the toughest one will survive.

The Yamaha Field Audition of Roadies Season 5 promises to be bigger, bolder, and more powerful than ever before. The audition will be held at various Yamaha Showrooms across Nepal, showcasing the nation’s remarkable diversity and providing participants with an unforgettable experience. Mark your calendars for the following dates and locations:

  • 13th Jestha: Yamaha Showroom, Itahari
  • 14th Jestha: Yamaha Showroom, Hetauda
  • 17th Jestha: Yamaha Showroom, Nepalgunj
  • 19th Jestha: Yamaha Showroom, Pokhara
  • 21st Jestha: Yamaha Blue Square, Kathmandu

During these auditions, participants will face thrilling challenges and push their limits to impress the judges. The auditions will feature a series of intense physical and mental tasks designed to test their courage, determination, and ability to work as a team. Aspiring Roadies will need to prove their mettle to secure a spot in the upcoming season and a chance to compete for the coveted title of Roadies Season 5.

But that’s not all! Yamaha has something special in store for all the die-hard fans. A meet and greet session is also there allowing fans to meet their favorite Roadies contestants and get up close and personal with the action. Join us on the following dates and locations for an unforgettable experience:

  • 12th Jestha: Yamaha Showroom, Bardibas
  • 15th Jestha: Yamaha Showroom, Chitwan
  • 16th Jestha: Yamaha Showroom, Butwal

The meet and greet session will give fans an exclusive opportunity to interact with the Roadies Gang leaders and Hosts.  Don’t miss your chance to meet the Roadies stars and witness the electrifying energy that drives this legendary reality show.

Yamaha is proud to support Roadies Season 5 and provide a platform for young adventurers to showcase their talents and embark on an extraordinary journey. The auditions are open to all fearless individuals who are ready to face challenges head-on and prove their worth. Join us at the Yamaha Field Audition of Roadies Season 5, and let the battle for the title begin!