Sahu’s Abuse: Sexual Exploitation for Loan Interested


Solukhumbu, March 28. A 41-year-old woman of Thulung Dudhkoshi Gaonpalika-9 of the district has been subjected to sexual and labor exploitation for the past four years. According to the victim, Khadga Bahadur Rai, 68, has been sexually exploiting her repeatedly after giving her a loan of Rs 6,000.

In a meeting with a journalist in Salleri on Saturday, the woman said that she had come to the district headquarters to seek justice as she was being treated unfairly. According to the victim, she took a loan from Khadga Bahadur on July 20, 2008 due to poor financial condition. “After taking the loan, she started calling me to work in her house again and again on July 20. The victim said emotionally,” I was forced to accept what she said due to poor financial condition.

He said that he was forced to have sexual intercourse with her every three to four days. “I had to work for the interest of the loan,” she said. “I was compelled to be ready whenever she had sexual desire with the fatigue of working all day.”

He says he has no choice but to accept death threats if he does not want to have sex. The victim has alleged that Khadga Bahadur exploited the labor by threatening anyone in the village, but the perpetrator Rai said that she did not do so under any circumstances.

According to the woman, Khadga Bahadur used to call her to do any work when she needed to cut grass, plant paddy and millet. “I didn’t need any interest to come to work in the beginning,” the woman didn’t hear.

According to the victim, Rai has been sexually abusing her since 2075 BS. The victim has complained that her 70-year-old husband used to come home and quench her sexual thirst. She said that she used to come to her house at around 12 o’clock at night and even threatened to kill anyone if she told anyone.

After the victim’s husband came to know about Khadga Bahadur’s behavior, she decided not to go to work.

It is alleged that the sons of the perpetrator reached the woman’s house on January 12 and threatened to kill her after the family of the perpetrator came to know about the relationship between Khadga Bahadur and the victim. According to the woman, her husband and family members and neighbors were also informed about the incident.

He said that the villagers were scared of Khadga Bahadur who threatened all the neighbors even during a general dispute. The victim said that she had come to Salleri to lodge a complaint with the village women’s leader due to fear of insecurity. According to the victim, a case was registered at the District Police Office, Solukhumbu on March 3 with the help of an inter-party women’s network.

Police arrested Khadga Bahadur on the same day for necessary investigation, said Inspector Mahendra Darnal. A bench of Justice Mahendra Raj Kafle has ordered to demand Rs. 120,000 bail from Khadga Bahadur after the case was submitted to the District Court, Solukhumbu.

Meanwhile, the victims have complained that they have not been called to the court for a statement. The victim said that she feared that she would not get justice after being released on bail only on the basis of the statement of the perpetrator.

The victim’s family has complained that they could not return to the village as their lives were in danger. She said that she was living with her husband in Salleri and her seven children were staying at a neighbour’s house in the village.