School of Law conducted a session of the Sustainable Fashion Talk Series on “Sustainability in Fashion and Business”


Kathmandu, Jan 19. Hult Prize at Kathmandu University in collaboration with the Management and Business Club of Kathmandu University School of Law conducted a session of the Sustainable Fashion Talk Series on “Sustainability in Fashion and Business”.

The session was led by the alumni of Kathmandu University itself. The founder of Buneko Nepal, a clothing company that specializes in surplus RMGs and is committed to sustainability, Mr. Saurav Karki is a Computer Engineering graduate of KU. With reference to 5 years of experience of in Buneko Nepal, he shared his ideas with the lecturers of Business Management, students of Business Management and Law, Economics and Law, Environmental Science, Business and Information Systems, Pharmacy, etc.

Mr. Karki explained the mechanism of surplus and how Buneko Nepal has been operating, with a major concern on Ready-made Garments. The students were curious about Karki’s interest in the field regardless of the subject matter in his higher studies. He expressed his individual passion for the subject and stated that the first step towards sustainability is behavioral change and the ability to internalize the ideal situation.

Similarly, he highlighted the advantages of having additional knowledge of Computer Engineering while acting, and being driven by passion. In addition to that when students raised questions regarding the profitability of the sustainable business, he
addressed by mentioning that business is not always about profit.

Hult Prize at Kathmandu University has been continually conducting various episodes in
collaboration with other clubs of the University of such Talk Series on differing aspects of Fashion and Sustainability in the past few months. This was the first episode organized physically with the same objective of allowing participants to get a clear picture of the theme with an essence of practicality. The event officially ended by handing over a certificate and token of love to the
guest speaker.