Shenanigans of 30 ISPs!


KATHMANDU, DECEMBER 1: Some 30 Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which impose hefty charges on customers,  are found to be indulged in fraudulent activities. Such activities are refusal to contribute to the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund, evasion of royalties and denial to submitting audited financial reports.

As per the rules of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA),  they should contribute two percent towards the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund and an additional six percent in the form of royalty.

Issuing a public notice today, the NTA once again asked them to fulfill their obligations within seven days. Earlier, the said ISPs had turned a deaf ear to the repeated call on the part of the regulatory body of the telecom sector to fulfill such obligations.  Notably, they are those companies making huge earnings by imposing heft charges on customers.  According to the NTA, it would be compelled to revoke their licenses if they failed to act in line with the set rules this time too.

Name List of the 30 ISPs:

  1. Broad Band Nepal
  2. C. Data Communication
  3. Clean Network
  4. Dolphin Net Communication
  5. E-Link Net
  6. Fast Speed-Link Network
  7. G.R.S Link Internet Service
  8. Gandaki Communication
  9. Hawk Net
  10. Himalayan Online Services
  11. Innovative Communications System
  12. Kalika Net
  13. Kriti Darsan Media
  14. Kshireshwar Network
  15. Life Net
  16. Info Net Technology
  17. Loop Networks Technology
  18. Mithila Digital Nepal
  19. Net Max Technologies
  20. Neolink
  21. Nepal Wireless
  22. Nepalink Communication
  23. Nimble Network
  24. Pals Network
  25. Prime Network
  26. Rapid Unique Network
  27. Regmi Media
  28. Unite Network
  29. Wifi HD Nepal
  30. Yes Net Nepal