Thriller of SouthAsia-Dhulikhel Zipline


Dhulikhel, Jan 3. Lets cheers guys! and groom to cherish one more thriller in the ouskirt of kathmandu. Just a km east from Dhulikhel Metropoly on the way of Aaraniko Highway, Dhulikhel Zipline offers an ecstastic thriller to boost you up in the rocketeering zipline nevigating from wild mountain of Dhulikhel boundedto Panchkhal.

Mesmerizing crew shall delightedly usher you in the top of the vistas of the mountain surrounded with diverse flora. Breeze of the Ganesh Himal fonds you under the dark blue sky unleashing the brightest beam of sunlight along the time you are harnessed with diving kits.

As the clock ticks against the vibrancy originates from the thumping pulse, you shall serenely envoke the famous adage of the “Moutain Dew, Daar ke aage Jeet hain”, around where the charismaticshutterbugs shall affectionately snapeach moment to set your spirit under your grip.

As you shall be screwed up to the Zipline, you shall complementaryly command the tendem of your spirit and nature of universe in that summit. Now, the moment you shall be unleased from the crew,eye bird views of the breathtaking panroma captive your imaginations in that middle of blue sky, pacing air, triggering height, above the tranquality of geography under the shining sun.

Eventually, the glory of the adventure buoyed you as you land on the another end of the Panchkhaal municipality. Subsequeltly, 500 meters distace from the destination, you shall enjoy the refreshment of the adventure park as well where variety of roping, climbimg etc shall streach your body.

The climax of the voyage shall transcend with deffusion of exhaustion in the well accomodated hospality of the accountable management.

So, Thumb Ups for the aspirants for Classic Zipline (Rs. 2500, $ 30 for SAARC, $ 35 foreigners), those daring for Superman (Rs. 3500, $40 for SAARC, $ 45 foreigners) and those aspiring lovely couple for Tendem (Rs 4500, $50 for SAARC, $60 for foreigners).