Toffichoo Eclairs launched in the market


KATHMANDU, MARCH 5: Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd., a leading business conglomerate in Nepal, has launched its new confectionery SKU, “Toffichoo Eclairs”. Toffichoo eclairs are infused with pure chocolatey bliss with unparalleled indulgence of taste. Toffichoo eclairs was launched with the slogan “Pure chocolatey joy” and the company believes it will take the market by storm.

Toffichoo eclairs are crafted with the finest milky chocolate shells with flavourful chocolate fillings inside. Toffichoo eclairs come in a twist wrap with attractive packaging with accents of golden and purple hues that give a sensory delight.

Toffichoo eclairs are priced at Rs. 5 for 2 units to appeal to consumers who want “real” chocolatey joy. Toffichoo Eclairs is available across retail stores in Nepal. Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd. already has other confectionary variants under its Toffichoo trademark such as “Tadka Kaccha Mango,” “Tadka Litchi” and “DuoZ” in the market, providing “an array of delightful options for consumers to savour”.