11000 employees’s job cut in Vodafone


Agency, May 16. The management of Vodafone has decided that in the coming three years, the company will end the roll of 11000 employees (Vodafone job cut). It is clear that in the coming 3 years, the company will work on the plan to lay off the employees. Company’s boss Margherita Della Valle has said that 11000 people will be removed to simplify the company. He also says that in the coming financial year, the profit of the company will either not be there or it will be less.

The company says that Germany, where the company has the largest market, is performing less there. Here the company is seen going at a loss of 1.3 percent. The company says that the reason for this is also the increased energy cost. The company’s total revenue for the year ending March is expected to be 14.7 billion euros.

At the same time, the company seems to be getting the benefit of increased sales of handsets in Africa, where revenue is showing an increase of 0.3 percent. It seems to be around 45.7 billion euros. Margherita, who took over the reins of the company only last month, says that our performance has not been that good.

Margherita said that her priorities are customers, growth and simplicity. We will simplify the institute. Earlier it was reported that the company had laid off a total of 1300 employees in Germany.