113,000 new jobs to be created this fiscal year

Kathmandu, July- 27 The government has planned to generate 113,513 jobs in the fiscal year 2015-16, according to the Annual Development Programme published by the National Planning Commission.

In the first eight months of fiscal 2014-15, the government was able to create 279,448 new jobs by promoting entrepreneurship and expanding opportunities in other sectors.

The budget for the current fiscal year has envisioned producing work opportunities for 50,000 persons through the Cottage and Micro Industries Development Programme. Likewise, the government has aimed at expanding the scope of micro enterprises to 64 districts from the present 55 districts.

The government has planned to continue promoting foreign investment and big industries on an annual basis. As of now, 6,074 new industrial enterprises have been registered, 3,305 of which have foreign direct investment (FDI).

“We will conduct programmes like continuing registration of big industries and industries having FDI, continuing work on patent right and trademark, taking the Department of Industry towards automation and providing cash subsidies on exports,” said the budget statement for the current fiscal year.

The government has also planned to operate 62 mines and study the possibilities of at least 60 mines in 12 areas besides prospecting for uranium. The possibilities of

petroleum exploration will be studied again, and the government plans to amend the legal provisions and sign fresh agreements with oil drilling companies.

Last year, the Ministry of Industry had scrapped the licences of four companies drilling for petroleum in various parts of the country.  “So far, certificates have been given for mining at 75 sites and exploring at 534 sites,” the government document said.

Meanwhile, the government is mulling promoting small and cottage industries, regulating them and enhancing their capacity in 27 districts. As of now, there are 261,416 small and micro industries registered with the Department of Cottage and Small Industries.

The government also aims to bring the Bhairahawa Special Economic Zone into operation within the current fiscal year. The Special Economic Zone (Sez) Development Committee

has planned to amend the working procedure of the Bhairahawa Sez in a bid to get it up and running even with a few factories as the private sector has shown little interest in moving here.

The amendment will strike out the provision that all the 68 plots in the Sez must be occupied before it can go into operation.

The change will allow the Sez to open even with a small number of factories. The existing legal provision that bars Bhairahawa Sez from operating without

all the plots being occupied has kept it in limbo as only 12 companies have applied to rent space there.

A detailed study for operating the Panchkhal Sez will be conducted while a preliminary study of the Simara Sez will be done.

As of now, 14 sezs are in operation in various locations of the country.

Source: The Kathmandu Post