Possibility of Light Rain and Snowfall today


KATHMANDU, FEBRUARY 22: The weather of the country will remain partly to generally cloudy today due to the influence of the westerly low-pressure system, according to the Weather Forecasting Division.
There is a possibility of light rainfall with thunder and lightning in some places of hill areas of Koshi and Madhes provinces and one or two places in the rest of the country.

The division also said that there is the possibility of light snowfall in some places of high hills and mountainous areas of the country.
Later tonight, the weather will remain partly cloudy in Koshi, Madhes and Bagmati provinces, with clear weather in the remaining parts of the country.

There is the possibility of sporadic rain at one or two places in the hill areas of Koshi and Gandaki provinces.     The maximum temperature of Kathmandu will remain 21.5 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is expected to be 9.3 degree Celsius.