Lalitpur metropolis to establish project and labour banks

LALITPUR, JUNE 19:  Lalitpur Metropolitan City has incorporated 'project bank' and 'labour bank' in its policies and programmes for the coming fiscal year, 2024/25. The policies and programmes, presented by Mayor Chiri Babu Maharjan, mentioned that a trend would be developed to formulate the annual budget and programmes by selecting projects from the 'project bank' starting next year.

The policies and programmes also stated that an arrangement would be made to formulate the annual budget and programmes by preparing a mid-term expenditure framework as per the periodic plan from next year. Similarly, a 'programme implementation action plan' and a 'procurement plan' would be mandatorily formulated for the effective implementation of the budget and programmes.

The cost of continuing incomplete projects for a long time, as well as those projects which are not technically, socially, and economically feasible in the metropolitan city, would be cut out. Similarly, coordination and collaboration would be undertaken with concerned bodies for the construction of overhead bridges along the Lalitpur ring road section and other appropriate spots to address vehicle pressure and convenience for pedestrians.

The metropolis will operate tippers as well as other goods-carrier vehicles only from corridors (Nakkhu, Bagmati), according to the policies and programmes. The metropolitan city has set a target of establishing an exhibition hall to display indigenous crafts.