Bhatbhateni again convicted of tax evasion


KATHMANDU, JANUARY 31: The Supreme Court (SC) has again convicted Bhatbhateni Department Store of evading taxes by using fake Value Added Tax (VAT) bills. A full bench of justices Kumar Chudal, Tek Prasad Dhungana and Balkrishna Dhakal did so by upholding the previous verdict of the SC on the same case.

The then Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Rana and Justice Prakash Kumar Dhungana on January 11 2020 had also ruled that Bhatbhateni was involved in the said tax evasion. But an appeal was filed against the verdict.

As per the apex court, Bhatbhateni was indulged in evading taxes worth Rs 130 million. It has been ordered to more than Rs 1.6 billion to the government.