Chaudhary along with other two set free


KATHMANDU, FEBRUARY 7: The Central Investigation Bureau (CBI) of Nepal Policy has today released three people including Arun Chaudhary who were arrested in connection with a land-grabbing scandal.     As per the recent verdict of the Kathmandu District Court that detaining them for 25 days for further investigation is needless, they were set free.

Chaudhary, Managing Director of CG Holdings; Narayan Singh Thapa, the Executive Chairman of Bansbari Shoe Factory Limited; and Sanjay Thakur, the Managing Director of CG Chandbag Residence were nabbed on February 1 on the charge of seizing 10 ropanis of land belonging to Bansbari Leather Shoe Factory.

Section 15 of the National Criminal Procedure (Code) Act allows investigating officers to release individuals on bail or remand with the consent of the Attorney General if it is deemed unnecessary to detain them.

According to the CIB,  they will conduct further investigations into the scam even as the arrested persons are released.