Pakistan's Ambassador Holds Bilateral Talks with Nepali Prime Minister

Prachand Hashmi

Kathmandu, June 13, 2024. Pakistan's Ambassador to Nepal, Abrar H Hashmi, engaged in crucial discussions with Nepali Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' earlier today at the Prime Minister's office in Singhadarbar.

The meeting primarily focused on enhancing bilateral relations between Nepal and Pakistan, with special emphasis on exploring avenues for economic and social cooperation. Both sides expressed their commitment to further strengthen the existing ties between the two nations.

During the discussions, Ambassador Hashmi conveyed Pakistan's eagerness to bolster cooperation with Nepal across various sectors, including trade, investment, and cultural exchange. Prime Minister Prachanda, in turn, welcomed Pakistan's initiative and emphasized the significance of nurturing robust partnerships in the region.

The meeting underscored the mutual desire of Nepal and Pakistan to foster closer collaboration for the collective benefit of their peoples. It is anticipated that the deliberations will pave the way for concrete steps aimed at deepening the longstanding ties between the two friendly nations.

The interaction between Ambassador Hashmi and Prime Minister Prachanda signifies the ongoing efforts of both countries to strengthen diplomatic relations and explore new avenues for collaboration, marking a positive step towards enhancing regional cooperation in South Asia.