Cyber ​​attack on Flipkart company:Advised users to reset password


Agencies, July 20. There has been a big cyber attack on Flipkart’s company Cleartrip. Hackers have claimed the data to be present on the dark web. After which Cleartrip, one of India’s popular travel booking platforms, accepted the data breach and informed its customers through e-mail. The company has also spoken of taking legal action against hackers.

In an email to customers, Cleartrip said, “You are informed that a security breach has occurred and that hackers have gained access to Cleartrip’s internal systems.” The company has said in the email that only the profile information of the users has been leaked in this data leak.

Clear Tip has denied any users’ private data leaks. The company has said that it will take legal action against the hacker. The company has advised users to reset the password as a precautionary measure. Security researcher Sunny Nehra has given information about this data leak of Cleartrip. The leaked data was also listed on the dark web in June, that is, this cyber attack happened long ago.

According to Sunny Nehra, hackers are also selling this data through the dark web, although no information has been received about the price at the moment. According to Nehra, it seems that the hacker has got all the data from Cleartrip. Let us tell you that earlier in 2017 also there was a cyber attack on Cleartrip.

According to Nehra’s tweet, the leaked data contains complete information from the complete information of the customers to the earnings of the company. The leaked data also contains the GST files. In such a situation, a big question arises on the security of the company.