Draft on regulation of social sites prepared


KATHMANDU, DECEMBER 22: The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has prepared a draft of the bill for the regulation and management of social sites. The government has made preparations to present the bill in the federal parliament for the regulation of social sites at a time when questions are being raised about its use and misuse with the rapid development of information and technology. At an orientation organised by the Advertisement Board yesterday, Joint Secretary at the Ministry, Netra Prasad Subedi, said the bill was prepared based on the request of general people and stakeholders in the context when regulation and management of social sites has become the issue of challenge, adding the draft would be made public soon for suggestion.

Sharing that such type of law is going to be formulated for the first time, the coordinator of the bill draft committee, Subedi mentioned that the law would also address the issue of advertisement regulation in order to stop misuse of social sites and misinformation in social sites and harms caused by it. The government of Nepal has already issued guidelines related to social media. Board Chairperson Laxman Humagain shared that suggestions would be provided taking the opinions of advertisers, agencies and stakeholders on the proposed bill.

The Board with the consultation of stakeholders have prepared criteria of regulation for advertisement in digital platforms and social sites as its regulation and management was necessary, he explained. Similarly, the Chairperson of the Advertising Association of Nepal, Som Dhital, laid emphasis that the 15 per cent service charge of advertisement agencies should not be curtailed and employment in the advertisement market should not be discouraged while regulating it.