Esskay ties up as channel partner with Sudarshan Chemical India


Kathmandu, jan 5. Esskay Pvt Ltd, has entered into channel partnership with SUDARSHAN Chemicals India. Under the arrangement Esskay will market & distribute SUDARSHAN Chemicals Pigments for Plastics Industries as Exclusive Distributors.

Pigments are used to add colour to plastic materials. The product will be made locally available from Esskay’s warehouse and it will ease customers pressure of inventory management and working capital. SUDARSHAN with over 60 years of experience is into developing & producing a range of high quality Organic and Inorganic Pigments & effect pigments for Plastics, Coatings, Cosmetics & Specialty Industries.

They stands as third largest pigment companies in the world Said Mr Kushal Chakraborty, Dy. General Manager-Sales of Sudarshan. ESSKAY, which is concern of TIBAREWALA is known name in the Plastic industry for supplying plastic raw material, chemicals, and machinery since 40 years. We are very excited to work with SUDARSHAN as their channel partner.

This affiliation will boost customer satisfaction and better service with material availability by creating a local stock point. Its step towards adding more value for our customers. Esskay Pvt Ltd will cater pigment for plastic segment, said Mr L N Singh, Executive Director of Esskay.