Kathmandu, May 1. Fanta-orange and Fanta-lemon unveiled a new look in Nepal. Fanta has a New Logo Unit which is fun, vibrant and BOLD to look at. The new logo is updated to a brighter color, representing the multicultural youth and embodying the energetic spirit they possess.

Mr. Ambuj Singh, Country Director of Coca-Cola in Nepal said, “Fanta in Nepal unveils a new logo and new branded content created in collaboration with young people.

Young people know a lot more about the brand, because they are experts in several areas: fun, technology, sharing good times with friends, so the new Fanta campaign come from their insights.

Their creativity and how they perceive life. We are now involving young Teen Marketing officers in co-creation and inviting them to participate through different platforms like Stay tuned to find out who Fanta’s Teen Marketing Officers are in Nepal.”

About Coca-Cola in Nepal

Coca-Cola in Nepal refreshes thousands of consumers throughout the country through its core product offerings of Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta and Kinley and impacts over 5000 people as a System.

Coca-Cola in Nepal works with UN HABITAT on the Support My School Initiative to provide basic amenities in schools, as well as the ‘Safe Water Project’, to improve access to drinking water across 14 communities in Nepal.

Through the STAR Retailer training programs, Coca-Cola Nepal is also empowering women retailers, as part of The Coca-Cola Company’s global 5BY20 initiative. The Company has partnered with Himalayan Climate Initiative and GIZ for a PET Recollection Social enterprise that encourages recycling of PET waste.

As part of another global commitment, by 2020, Coca-Cola Nepal, through its Rain Water Harvesting projects, has committed to safely return to communities and nature an amount of water equal to what we use in our finished beverages and their production.

Coca-Cola Nepal also observes World Water Day and is aiming to bring about a positive difference to the lives of communities across the country.