Five billion rupees to be allocated to resolve Dharan’s drinking water woes


DHARAN, FEBRUARY 12: Minister for Science, Education and Technology Ashok Kumar Rai has said that five billion rupees will be allocated in the next financial year’s budget to address the problem of drinking water in Dharan. Inaugurating a workshop on the establishment of a specialized research centre in Dharan, here yesterday, Minister Rai shared that the survey of the project to bring water from Saptakoshi to address the drinking water problem of Dharan has been completed. “It is estimated that the project will cost five billion rupees.

The amount will be allocated in the next financial year’s budget,” he said. Minister Rai also shared that it would take three years to complete the project, which will be implemented with a plan to raise investment within ten years. Minister Rai said that water would be brought from the Saptakoshi River. He said that Dharan is a suitable place for establishing a specialized research centre.

Likewise, Vice-Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Prof Dr Dilip Subba expressed the commitment to work together for the development of technology required by the province. He said that farmers can be helped to increase agricultural production by using technology. Dharan Mayor Harka Sampang stressed that since Dharan is a city suitable for housing drinking water supply development plan should be implemented accordingly.