Google announced a bonus to its employees before Christmas


Agency, Dec 10. Google has announced a bonus to its employees before Christmas. Google said on Wednesday that it will give extra bonus to all its employees around the world this year. Along with this, Google is also postponing its return-to-office scheme in view of the new variant Omicron of Corona. According to a company spokesperson, Google will give a cash bonus of $1,600 (about Rs 1.2 lakh) to all employees working in the company in their country this month.

The new benefit is being given to Google’s work-from-home allowance and with the aim of supporting its employees during the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier in March, Google’s internal survey had revealed that in the last one year, the company has been neglecting the care of its employees. After which the company announced several benefits for the employees, including a wellbeing cash bonus of $ 500 (about Rs 37,750).

Last week, Google postponed its return-to-office plan in view of Omicron’s transition. Earlier, the employees were asked to return to the office from January 10. It has about 85 offices in about 60 countries.