Home stay skill buildup training program in Palpa

With the assistance of Nepal Tourism Board and Carrier group Nepal, Home stay capacity buildup training program was conducted in Tansen and Baudha Gumbha, Palpa.

“The program had many participants, who are operators of Home stay business, from Madan Pokhara Agricultural Committee, Bartung’s Magar Culture and Tansen Bhagwati Tole,” operator of Horizon Home stay, Janaki Basyal said.

The program, conducted in 5th and 6th Asad, also had cooperation from formal chairperson of VFOT Nepal and the chairperson of Gate of Palpa, Man Mohan Shrestha. According to representative of Nepal Tourism Board, Amir Ghola, the training program had 25 participants. Similarly, “Palpa can be made Home stay heaven for Tourists,” central member of CPN UMPL party, Thakur Gairay said.


Likewise, the local home stay operator, Lekh Bahadur Thapa, who has been operating business for 4 years, said that the same program was also held in Rani Mahal Magar Homestay-Boudha Gumbha 4, which is under majority of Magar cultural group, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The home stay location which is 14 Km west from Tansen headquarter can be reached within 1 hour. Additionally, Magar homestay is only 1 hour away from Rani Mahal Darbar, which often compared with India’s wonder Taj Mahal