KMC to demolish all structures constructed encroaching upon public land


Kathmandu, April 26 . The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is now planning to demolish infrastructures which were constructed by encroaching upon public lands of Old Bus Park and Khula Manch- the open theatre.

Receiving a memorandum submitted by a team, comprising members of the House of Representatives from Kathmandu-6, Bhimsen Das Pradhan, KMC Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya clarified that preparation was underway to demolish all structures constructed by encroaching upon the public land.

“The shuttered kiosks set up for commercial purpose in the public place should be removed immediately to conserve the public property “, reads the memorandum.

Mayor Shakya however argued that Deputy Mayor did not help him to resolve the problems of Khula Manch. Dispute surfaced between Mayor Shakya and Deputy Mayor Hari Prabha Khadgi after she refused Mayor Shakya’s request to carry out onsite visit of the under construction infrastructure there.

But, Deputy Mayor Khadgi told the National News Agency (RSS) that Mayor Shakya had not officially given responsibility to her to carry out monitoring of Khula Manch but only asked her to know about the issue there.

She said, “I have not got the letter officially today. Monitoring will be carried out by holding meeting on Sunday.”

The locals have given ultimatum to the KMC to remove the shutters constructed with the encroachment of Khula Munch area within May14. The locals demonstrated on Thursday after 40 shuttered kiosks were constructed there.

Using public land for commercial purpose is the matter of concern, KMC Spokesperson Ishworman Dangol said that all the structures would be demolished after the monitoring.

Local Government Operation Act has the provision that KMC can demolish any structures constructed without taking permission of KMC. RSS