KMC to manage only segregated waste


KATHMANDU, FEBRUARY 2: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) will only manage segregated waste yet again for effective waste management in the Metropolis. The classification and separation of waste at source would be for now initiated from Ward No. 5, 12 and 27, according to the KMC. The collection and management of segregated waste would be expanded to all 32 wards of the Metropolis later, said Rabinman Shrestha, Chief of KMC’s Department of Environment Management.

The KMC asked the residents of the Metropolis to classify and separate waste into biodegradable waste and non-biodegradable nearly a year and a half ago. However, due to the lack of effective implementation of the plan, the KMC is starting the process yet again, informed Shrestha.

The KMC is also working towards identifying the land for managing the collected classified waste at Bancharedanda, said Shrestha. Along with the classification and collection of waste, the KMC will make arrangements for the sale of recyclable waste materials that are found during the classification of the waste. The KMC also plans to sensitize residents of KMC about the benefits and need of classifying and separating garbage at source, he said.