Launch of Nabil Green PIN Service

Kathmandu, Sept 26. Nabil Bank is pleased to announce the launch of Nabil Green PIN service that allows cardholders of the Bank to set/re-set PIN for their card issued by bank through the Bank’s ATM network spread all over the country. With the introduction of Green PIN, the existing as well as new card customers of the Bank will get seamless and hassle- free PIN setup service.

To set a PIN, cardholder needs to visit any of the Nabil Bank’s ATM and use “Generate OTP for PIN” option in the screen after inserting the card. The customer shall receive an OTP in his/her registered mobile number with validity of 24 hours. After the OTP is received, the customer shall choose “Enter OTP to Change Your Pin” menu option and set/reset the desired PIN.

This service is available not only for new cardholders but also for existing card holders, who have forgotten their PIN. Such customers can now reset their PIN themselves from any of Nabil Bank’s ATM, without contacting the Branch personnel.

Mr. Anil Keshary Shah, CEO of the Bank, said, “We want to enable our customers to have seamless access to our digital products and channels. We understand remembering multiple passwords is cumbersome and we often forget the passwords. Now, the customers do not have to rush to the Bank and fill up an application form to reset their password. They can do it themselves conveniently and securely right from the nearest ATM booth of the Bank at any time.”

The Bank has named this feature Green PIN as this self-service functionality has eliminated the need of printing PIN Mailer and use of tamper-proof Envelopes. From environmental perspective, this is one of the eco-friendly and digital initiatives launched by Nabil Bank. Mr. Shah, CEO of the Bank, explained that the Bank aims to surge ahead with utmost consideration to user’s convenience and environmental safety and that Green PIN service is not just offering convenient password set/reset facility to the customers but also contributing to eco-friendly and paper/plastic-less practice for environmental protection.

Nabil Bank is the pioneer private sector bank of Nepal. It has 119 branches and 185 ATM network all over the country. Nabil Bank has always been in the forefront in adopting new technology and introducing innovative products and services.  With the recent launch of Nabil Digi Bank unit, the Bank is exploring digital avenues to cater the customers’ needs. The Bank aims to be the first digital bank of the country and Nabil Digi Bank is progressively improving customer touch points and internal processes to achieve the goal.