Jyoti Bikash Bank supports children with Prosthetic Hands

KATHMANDU, MAY 11: Jyoti Bikash Bank, under its institutionalized social responsibility program “Hamro Bikash PrabardhanKosh,” has collaborated with E-Nable Nepal to provide 15 children with 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands.

In a program organized yesterday at the premises of E-Nable Nepal, Mr. Kapil Dhakal, Chief Executive Officer of Jyoti Bikash Bank, along with Mr. Surendra Shrestha, President of E-Nable Nepal, handed over the prosthetic hands to children in need. These prosthetic hands are tailored to assist children born without hands or those who have lost them due to accidents. The bank believes that these prosthetic hands will not only facilitate the children in their day-to-day activities but also boost their morale and self-confidence.

The collaboration between Jyoti Bikash Bank and E-Nable Nepal reflects a joint commitment to provide necessary support to children facing physical challenges. The prosthetic hands are customized to mimic natural human hands, enabling children to engage in activities without feeling restricted by their physical limitations.

During the commemoration of its 15th anniversary, Jyoti Bikash Bank announced its partnership with E-Nable Nepal to manufacture and provide prosthetic hands for 15 children in need. These 3D-printed prosthetic hands are not only lightweight but also capable of performing delicate tasks. Additionally, E-Nable Nepal provides health, education, and vocational training alongside the production of 3D-printed hands.

The bank dedicates 50% more than the regulatory requirement for social welfare initiatives.

Presently, Jyoti Bikash Bank operates through 121 branches, 3 extension counters, and 75 ATMs, ensuring widespread access to banking services across the nation.