Manisha Singh’s success story From Nepal to Switzerland’s Aiglon College


Kathmandu, Sept 12. A girl from Kalikot has got an opportunity to study in a college in Europe on a full Scholarship. On Monday, the Dusty Yak Foundation held a press conference to tell the story of the Nepali girl from Kalikot, a remote district of Nepal, to Switzerland’s Aiglon College, who managed to get the scholarship due to her determination, dreams, and strength.

Manisha is the second child among five children born in a poor family in Kalikot, according to the foundation in a press conference. He has two sisters. His father left them to fend for himself because, in his own words, his mother could not give him a son. At an early age, instead of studying like other children, Manisha used to work with her mother in the fields, selling fruits at the station and helping others with household chores.

Her mother struggled to survive. In a press conference, the founders of the foundation, Matthew William Hurley and his wife Mrs. Louisa, two British nationals who forced them to send their daughters to orphanages due to limited sources of income and not being able to feed their children, rescued them from Calicut and brought them to Aiglon College in Switzerland. The sad story of Manisha’s experience while in Nepal was also told in the press conference. Manisha’s mother forced her to treat her own child as less than an object; things took a turn for the worse. Like Manisha’s suffering at home, she found the condition of the orphanage to be poor and unorganized.

He was also told that he was very disappointed when he saw that the children were not provided with proper food, clean clothes, health services, or any other necessary material. Many children were hungry, physically ill, and at risk of stunted growth due to malnutrition and poor diet.

It was informed at the press conference that two British citizens, Matthew William Hurley and his wife Mrs. Louisa Janecom, had an important hand in making Manisha’s dream come true. After the Great Earthquake of 2015, he was actively providing aid and support through various charitable organizations in the country. Those two British citizens also came to Nepal with their two sons at the same time. The earthquake devastated the families of many Nepalis. Children were displaced and transferred to orphanages and children’s homes. It was here that the Balayati family found Manisha and her sisters and brought them to the Dusty Yak Foundation to help children in Nepal.

The Hurleys have volunteered as a Dusty Yak family in the Budanilkanth. Which service center is well equipped and maintained? All girls are enrolled in English medium schools, and accommodation, food, education, love, and care are provided. For 6 years, the girls had a nurturing, caring, and loving family. In Dusty Yak Society, Manisha also finally got her good vibes.

At school, she consistently excelled in academics as well as excelling in extracurricular activities. She did very well in football, marathon, basketball, singing, and dancing. At the Foundation, she relegated the rest of the children to the role of big sister. Keeping in mind the hardships and struggles she faced since childhood, Manisha also expressed her constant desire to become a lawyer to fight against the social injustice and inequality faced by her and her sisters in life. She wants to help other children and women. It was clear that Manisha was extraordinary. Her British husband and wife Hurley admired her determination and encouraged her to apply for a scholarship to the Aiglon School in Switzerland, one of the most prestigious schools in the world.

The journey to Aiglon School was not easy. There are very strict procedures to reach Aiglon. It took months to complete the application process. The first stage of selection was the assessment and interview, for which she prepared day and night with her teachers, Hurleys, and UK tutors. Who gave his time to help Manisha fulfill her dreams ? Once the interview was over, she took an English language test, a general ability/IQ test, and a math test. The final and most important criteria on which his selection was determined was his letter of motivation for applying to the Aiglon School.

She has achieved more than any child in the world. She is a child of Nepal and her success should be celebrated. Manisha’s journey to new education was almost stopped due to the government agencies of Nepal. The legal advisor of the foundation said in a press conference that although the consulate of Switzerland has provided all the paperwork and sent it to the Nepali authorities in advance, copies of the documents related to Manisha have been provided to immigration, but there is an attempt to prevent her from reaching the world of beautiful dreams. He said, “Foreign family Hurley family is facing difficulties and they were detained for no reason.”

After overcoming these many problems, her birth mother, the support of Dusty Yak Society in Nepal, and the intervention of some government employees did not stop her journey and today she is studying at Aiglon College in Switzerland as a shining star of Nepal.