NCHL launches ‘Connect Garnuhos, Rs.100 Paunuhos’ campaign

Kathmandu, May 20 . Nepal Clearing House Ltd. (NCHL) has launched an offer campaign “Connect Garnuhos Rs.100 Paunuhos” starting from 15th May 2019 for the users of the connectIPS e-payment system. The users will receive up to Rs 100 in its bank account under this offer.

Any new user who enrols in connectIPS e-payment system, including verification of his/her mobile number and e-mail, will be eligible for Rs. 30. And upon successfully linking the first bank account, including bank verification, the user will be eligible for additional Rs. 70. The offer is valid for a limited period and will be applicable for the first linked bank account only that is created during the campaign period. The user can participate from or use its mobile app available on android and iOS.

connectIPS is a standardized single payments platform introduced by NCHL. The transactions are processed directly through the bank accounts and does not require any intermediary for the services like online fund transfer, e-commerce payment, mobile wallet top-up, creditor/biller payments including government tax payments, Loksewa application fee payment, credit card bill payments, capital market related payments and similar.

It has already been subscribed by 55 banks and financial institutions among which 48 BFIs are now in operations. The current per transaction limit in the system is up to NRs. 100,000 for online (web) and up to NRs. 5,000 for mobile app.