Nepal Investment Bank and WireBarley Corp agreement for remittance service


Kathmandu, August 19. Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. and WireBarley Corp. entered into an agreement for remittance service to facilitate Nepalese expatriates working in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and the U.S to send remittance back home to their families.

This service can be used from mobile app or online portal of WireBarley.  In this unprecedented pandemic situation, this service can be very helpful send remittance safely from home.

Remittance can be received from more than 10,000 paying locations of Prithivi Remit – the online remittance service of Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. The payment sent for deposit into account of families with any banks in Nepal is instantly deposited. This arrangement with WireBarley has made it easy for customers to transfer their funds to Nepal.

Earlier, Nepal Investment Bank Limited has been providing remittance service from different countries including India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, USA, S. Korea and Europe through its different partners in those countries.