Nepal suffers trade deficit of over 2 milllion with Afghanistan


KATHMANDU, NOVEMBER 24: As of the first four months of the current fiscal year, Nepal has experienced a trade deficit of Rs 2.1 million with Afghanistan. Nepal exported goods and services worth Rs 9.528 million to Afghanistan, while its imports from Afghanistan amounted to Rs 11.622 million.

Key items imported by Nepal from Afghanistan include fruits such as apricots (Rs 2.865 million) and figs (Rs 3.158 million), along with cumin seeds (Rs 5.438 million). In return, Nepal exported excavation equipment valued at Rs 9.528 million.

It’s worth noting that during the previous fiscal year, Afghanistan had a deficit in its trade with Nepal, amounting to Rs 26.51 million. Afghanistan’s exports to Nepal were worth Rs 65,000, while its imports from Nepal reached Rs 26.116 million.

Since the Taliban assumed control in August 2021, Afghanistan has prioritized the production of fruits and minerals for economic growth.

In the first four months of the fiscal year 2023/24, Nepal engaged in foreign trade with 145 countries, resulting in a trade deficit of Rs 461 billion 938 million 93 thousand. Imports amounted to Rs 512 billion 503 million 474 thousand, while exports were Rs 50 billion 565 million 381 thousand.