New Scholarship Programme at TBC 


Kathmandu, Dec 13. The British College is proud to announce the launch of an exclusive new scholarship programme:  The OHCT Scholarship.  

This incredible opportunity will give one student starting in 2022, a scholarship that will cover their  full tuition, university registration, and exam fees for the full four years of their course.  

Funded by the O’Hea family, the fellowship has been designed for qualified undergraduate  applicants with the specific aim of helping underprivileged students from across Nepal who wish  to benefit from the exemplary global education provided at The British College.  

TBC is the only British Accreditation Council (BAC) accredited educational institute in the whole  of Nepal, and so recognising this, the O’Hea family want to make sure that students from all  backgrounds have the opportunity to take advantage of the international standard of education  that the College can provide. 

Prospective students can apply for any of the undergraduate courses at TBC, including BBA, BSc  (Hons) Computing, BSc (Hons) Business Hospitality Management, and the brand new BSc (Hons)  Cyber Security and Digital Forensics – and applications are now open.  

So for your chance at this incredible opportunity, just click here: Application Form and explain  why you think you deserve the fellowship – or alternatively you can apply in person by visiting the  College anytime between 9am and 5pm. Applications will remain open until 25th December 2021.