Lahan woman branded ‘witch,’ attacked

LAHAN, FEB 07 – Domani Chaudhary of Dhodhana VDC-2, Siraha, had long been accused of practicing witchcraft by her neighbours. Whenever some neighbours blatantly called her ‘Boksi’ or treated her with contempt, she skirted them indifferently. She knew well she could not reason with them. The 45-year-old chose to go about minding her own business, doing her household chores and working as a village-level activist for the Institute of Human Rights Communication Nepal.

However, on Tuesday evening, five villagers assaulted Chaudhary, leaving her seriously injured.
“I was verbally abused and I didn’t care what they said, but now they have started harming me physically,” she said from her bed at the Friends Modal Hospital in Lahan .
Her neighbours started accusing her of being a witch even as she worked as a female health volunteer in the village.