NEA launches data center of international level

KATHMANDU, JUNE 13 : The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has lately launched a state-of-the-art data center to cater to the future needs of commercial enterprises. Situated in Syuchatar, Kathmandu, it was constructed with an investment of Rs 1.4 billion.

The international-level center comprises a three-story prefabricated structure. The ground floor is designed as a control hub for monitoring and securing the Kathmandu Valley's underground power distribution network. The first floor has office and network operation rooms, and the second floor accommodates the data center itself.

Complying with Tier 3 international standards, the center is the first initiative under the Digital NEA Program, which aims to digitize the authority's services. It will manage IT servers and store as well as integrate data for the Authority. A private cloud for data storage is planned to be created.

Equipped with 40 IT racks, including 36 servers and 4 network racks, the center boasts facilities like N+1 power supply, cooling, automatic fire control, CCTV monitoring, and continuous operations and safety monitoring.

To ensure uninterrupted power supply, there are two 1 MW generators and two 300 kVA modular UPS units, backed by lithium-ion batteries. The necessary maintenance and upgrades can be carried out without disrupting daily operations.

Moreover, an optical fiber is used as an alternative route connecting the NEA's head office at Ratna Park to the data center. The connection is established via Teku and Balaju, with the deployment of staff to operate the center 24/7.

The infrastructure of the center includes monitoring and control systems for the ongoing underground distribution network project in Kathmandu Valley. Such systems are designed to facilitate automation across substations and switching stations. Additionally, a charging station has been set up at the data center premises that can charge three electric vehicles simultaneously.

Chinese company Yantai Dongfang Wisdom Electric Company Ltd. won the contract to construct the data center in July 2021, and the construction work commenced in November of the same year. The project was funded by the government, NEA, and the Asian Development Bank.