First Nepal Mango Fest taking place on July 7 - 9

The preparations for the first Nepal Mango Fest, 2081 are underway. To be jointly organised by Kisan Venture and Kathmandu Organics, the festival is set to take place in Kathmandu on July 7, 8, and 9. Various species of mangos purchased directly from 50 farmers in Sarlahi, Saptari, and Siraha will be showcased at this event.

Currently, Nepal is heavily reliant on mango imports from India. The Nepali mango season lasts only 45 days; during this period, we are compelled to import mangoes from India. Instead of using expensive imported mangos, this festival aims to promote awareness about Nepali mangos and enhance domestic production.

At this festival, around 15 varieties of mangos such as Malda, Jarda, Bombay, Gulab Khas, Amrapali, Kalkattiya, and Dasheri will be available. All mangos will be directly purchased from farmers, ensuring freshness and affordability for consumers. Only naturally ripened and processed mangos will be available at the fair, eliminating the risk of chemical contamination for consumers.

Customers visiting the Mango Fest can purchase mangos in boxes weighing 5 and 10 kg, promoting direct sales from farmers. The main objective of the festival is to promote Nepali mangos, encourage Nepali farmers, and provide consumers with access to chemical-free, healthy mangos.

The inauguration ceremony of the festival will be held at Walnut Bistro, Panipohari, on July 7. For three days, mangos and various products made from mangos will be exhibited and distributed at Kathmandu Organics, Utpala Cafe Baudha, and The Gardens, Jhamsikhel. The festival will host ten stalls from different companies where customers can also buy pickles, mango powder, dehydrated mangoes, jams, and more. On the second day of the Mango Fest, a grand program will be held at Utpala Cafe, where participation from 3,500 attendees is expected. The festival aims to sell between 25 to 30 tons of mangos over three days. Fun activities like the Mango Eating Competition will also be included in the festival.

Under the Kisan Venture and Kathmandu Organics initiative, various programs related to agriculture are being organized to enhance the production of farmers and improve their livelihoods. Our goal is to encourage local production and improve farmers' living standards.