“Institutional measures will be implemented to revise the ‘Digital Nepal Framework”

KATHMANDU, JUNE 7 : Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the budget for the upcoming fiscal year aims to develop the nation as a hub of information technology (IT). The budget has announced a decade for the IT enhancement, he added. Speaking at the ‘Digital Nepal Conclave 2024’ organized by the ICT Foundation here today, the Prime Minister shared the government’s goals of exporting IT services worth Rs 3,000 billion in the next fiscal year with the creation of 500 thousand direct employment opportunities and one million indirect jobs in the IT sector.

The budget has announced to establish IT as an instrumental for economic growth, enable a legal foundation for exploring and promoting IT innovations, and promote the development of artificial technology with the regulatory provisions in place, he said, adding that through the budget, the government has pledged to provide a durable and high-speed internet facility, data security and the protection of intellectual property.

As the Prime Minister said, institutional measures will be implemented to revise the ‘Digital Nepal Framework,’ and initiatives will be launched to provide high-speed internet in Kathmandu Valley and Butwal, along with the establishment of an IT Park.

The government accords priority to the use of software developed within the country by public entities and plans to upgrade the government’s data center to enhance data storage, security, and utilization capabilities, according to the Prime Minister. As he said, the development and promotion of communications and information technology is one of the top priorities of the government and the new budget highlights the government’s three priorities. Such core priorities are promoting the IT sector, promoting a digital economy, and exploring innovation and job opportunities, he said, adding that ongoing efforts include revising relevant laws and policies to meet these goals.

Prime Minister Dahal said various facts have proved that progress is being achieved in development, prosperity, and self-employment sectors, adding an environment of enthusiasm is being built in the country gradually due to continuous efforts of the government in the sector of production, productivity, and employment creation. He took time to say that the government is doing its best to seek opportunities for lucrative jobs in the sector of information technology as well as a programme along with innovation has been brought at seven provinces establishing a fund of one billion rupees for the first time in the history to promote startup and innovation.

The Prime Minister appealed to youths and entrepreneurs from the IT sector to collaborate in socio-economic transformation efforts through the use of technology. “You should not be disappointed. The government is grateful towards your contribution to employment creation and economic development through the IT sector”, the Prime Minister said, adding the government is ready to address policy-level issues concerning the IT sector.

Stating that building a corruption-free society by improving ‘digital governance’ is the responsibility of the government, he said, pledging for the prevention of corruption, guarantee of good governance, smooth service delivery as well as the creation of a strong basis for improving intergovernmental coordination.

Wider discussions are expected to be held in separate sessions on various issues including ‘Digitalization’ and development, digital economy and investment in digital Nepal, digital empowerment, and inclusion in sustainable development in the event. More than 600 people representing the IT sector have been participating in the Conclave themed “Harmonizing Digitalization and Development”.