Introducing “Chha Ji”

Kathmandu, July 23. Saurabh Jyoti, a business leader with a passion for music, releases his latest song, “Chha Ji”, a heartfelt ode to love and Newari language. The enchanting melody celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Newari language and tells the universal story of love that resides within each of us.

He dedicated a year to creating “Chha Ji”, pouring his heart and soul into the song, crafting a melody that touches hearts all around. “Chha Ji” is poised to resonate with audiences from all cultures and languages, touching the hearts of people from diverse backgrounds. This captivating song is now available on all major streaming platforms, making it easily accessible to music aficionados.

As an artist, Saurabh Jyoti has not only written the song himself but also actively participated in every aspect of its creation, reflecting his deep commitment and passion for music.The debut of Jyotsna Yogi in directing the music video, along with James Pradhan’s contribution to composing and producing the music, adds to the collaborative and creative aspect of the project.

Join Saurabh Jyoti on this musical journey as he presents “Chha Ji” to the world. Experience the magic of his soulful composition and be inspired to embrace your linguistic heritage while celebrating the language of love.