NIBL Announce transfer funds from India to Nepal 

Kathmandu, March 10. Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL) is announce that it has entered into an arrangement with Bank On Us, India offering “Paisa Pathaune” app, a unique service for Nepalis in India, to transfer funds from India to Nepal 24 hours from their cell phones.

This facility is available to Nepali migrants, and residents anywhere in India. Paisa Pathaune app offers convenience, speed, safety and low service cost transfer of money from India to Nepal, on all days of the year, even on bank holidays in India. In just 3 simple steps, Nepalis staying anywhere in India, can transfer funds digitally from their bank account in India, to their family members in Nepal.

Paisa Pathaune app supports Digital Mobile Payment platforms duly authorized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) such as BHIM, UPI, Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM, WhatsApp Pay, BharatPe & NEFT / IMPS. In these pandemic times, the senders in India need not take the risk of going out of their home to visit a bank or give cash to a friend, to be given to their families in Nepal.

The 24×7 facility helps Nepalis in India, to stay safe and from within the comfort of their home, financially assist their families back in Nepal. Our above initiative offers information to the sender and also gives detailed transaction receipt. When the family member gets funds in Nepal, the sender in India gets an SMS confirmation. Paisa Pathaune app helps our Nepali brothers and sisters in India to save money every time they transfer Money through Paisa Pathaune app, as it is cheaper than other services.

Through Paisa Pathaune app, Nepalis in India can transfer up to a maximum amount of Indian Rupees 50,000, twelve times in a year. Paisa Pathaune app offers ultimate convenience, speed, highest customer service and peace of mind to spread happiness among Nepalis both in India & back in Nepal.