NIMBL Provides Payment to Upaya City Cargo

Kathmandu, June 14. NIMBL Provides Payment and Financial Assistance to Upaya Driver Partners Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited (NIMBL) and Upaya City Cargo have signed a strategic partnership agreement to reinforce NIMB and Upaya’s engagement to improve banking services and driver-partner payment solutions in Nepal. Under the terms and conditions of the agreement, NIMB will be Upaya’s official banking partner for driver-partner payment.

Under the Corporate Benefit Savings Account (SBCBS) plan, NIMB will create zero-balance driver-partner payment accounts, offering a seamless payment experience for Upaya’s driver-partners. Furthermore, NIMB will provide account holders significant advantages such as Accidental Death Insurance Coverage of NPR 7 Lakhs and Medical Insurance Coverage of NPR 35,000/- (for hospitalization) and NPR 15,000/- (for domiciliary/OPD).

This partnership represents a key milestone for NIMB and Upaya, bringing together their experience and resources to enhance Nepal’s driver-partner payment ecosystem. Both sides want to stimulate innovation, improve financial inclusiveness, and help expand Nepal’s transportation sector by combining NIMB’s banking skills with Upaya’s industry experience.