OMODA E5 passes water wading and underbody scraping tests

KATHMANDU, MARCH 5: Recently, OMODA” ‘s first purely electric model, the OMODA E5, undertook two critical electric vehicle battery safety tests: water wading and underbody scraping. “It successfully withstood these challenges, demonstrating the vehicle’s reliable safety capabilities,”  claims a press communique issued by SPG Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor for
Omoda& Jaecoo Automobile Co. Ltd. for Nepal.

The water wading test primarily aimed to verify the OMODA E5’s sealed waterproof performance. During the test, the OMODA E5 drove through a pool with water levels covering the front grille.It successfully passed the test without any signs of water leakage or electrical faults, nor did it trigger any insulation data anomaly alarms, according to the communique.

When it comes to the underbody scrapping test, the OMODA E5 drove over a 210mm
high metal post, posing a significant challenge to the vehicle’s structural strength. After scraping its lowest point, 30mm above the obstacle, the underbody battery pack remained undamaged, and effectively protected. “This demonstrated that even after an underbody scraping incident, the vehicle’ structure could maintain its safety and stability,” the release states.