Snowfall affects normal lives in Bajura   


Bajura, Dec 15 .  Snowfall in high hill areas in Bajura district, including its district headquarters Martadi, has adversely affected people’s lives here.

The market areas as well as schools are closed while the traffic movements halted after Martadi-Kolti road section was shut down in the district due to the snowfall.

Snowfall has however elated the farmers, for it is likely to boost their agricultural production. The heavy snowfall in Porakhe highland has disrupted the communication, as a result, there was no means of communication between Bajura ‘A’ and Bajura ‘B’ areas.

People’s routine movement have been affected due to snowfall piled up to 4 feet, informed District Police Office, Bajura’s Deputy Superintendent of Police, Uddav Singh Bhat.
Transportation entrepreneur Madan Mahat shared that vehicles could not be operated on the Gaumul to Kolti road section due to excessive snowfall.

Likewise, communication media have been disrupted in Bajura’s neighbouring districts since Saturday morning.

According to Nepal Telecom, Bajura Branch, due to heavy snowfall and subsequent mercury fall, the optical fibre laid in Bajura and Telecom’s tower had incurred technical snag, resulting in disruption in communication services.     As a result, internet services have been shut down completely in the district